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A few people have told me that they are having difficulty getting registered with the guild. In order to get fully signed up here is what you need to do.

Register for Guildwork. When you register you will be asked to link your character. This is done by removing the pieces of gear the website asks you to, logging out of the game, then having Guildwork grab your armory data. This will automatically allow you access to the guild website because Guildwork will know you are already a part of the guild and should have access.


If you don't want to link your character or if you have done everything and feel like it isn't set up correctly you can either post in this thread, message me through the site, or send me an in game mail. You still have to register with Guildwork before you can be added to the guild manually. If you send me an in game mail be sure to include what name you registered under with Guildwork.

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