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A volatile, oil-rich Nigerian community wages war against their corrupt government and a multi-national oil corporation to protect their land from being destroyed by excessive drilling and spills. To seek justice, a rebel organization kidnaps an American oil executive and demands that his corporation end the destruction and pollution. Inspired by true events, Black November is the gripping story of how a community rises up and takes drastic measures to make sure their voices are heard.
Inspired by true events, an oil-rich Nigerian community wages war against an oil corporation to protect their land from being destroyed. Rebels kidnap an American oil executive and demand that his corporation end the destruction.
This movie should win an Oscar Award. The Storyline is so good. The Actors were all incredible, Vivica Fox, Kim B, Mickey R, and the Nigerians were just so excellent.<br/><br/>Seeing the effect of Oil pollution, and the poverty in the Oil producing regions, The corruption of Government officials, the huge influence the Oil majors have on the politicians, all of these were an eye opener, that the movie have so cleverly managed to bring to life, whilst keeping the entertainment value, it is short of a documentary. Really really engaging and educative.<br/><br/>It reminds one of &#39;Blood Diamond&#39;, I hope the world will receive it well, and it will help bring an end to the disaster as it currently stands, for the poor people of the Niger Delta.
I saw this this movie just last week and I decided that this is a &#39;must watch&#39; for me. First off, I want to apologize in advance for any blunder that might occur in this write-up.. English is not my mother tongue, I am a proud Nigerian., west-side to be precise, and where i am from Yoruba is my main language.. I am more than grateful to Jets Amata for a wonderful script, a beautiful plot and perfect execution by the actors.<br/><br/>If not that this world is just a dying and a biased one, this movie for me should win an Oscar. If it were to be an American, Korean or Indian it would be nominated and probably win an Oscar award., but being a story about Nigeria and its looters, being a story about how suffering and cheating is deep rooted in Nigeria, being a story about how the Nigerian government is so f up and corrupted, it&#39;s just gonna be left alone to rot. 5 years and still nothing has changed for good., it keeps getting worse and everything around here (Nigeria) keeps deteriorating., while the United states and the United Kingdom gets all the spoils and riches from our Natural resources. My grandma used to talk about how 1$ was equal to 1naira back then in the &#39;50s and &#39;60s, I hope things will change for the best someday,I hope someday Nigeria will be free from its bondage and those good times return for this country., I hope this movie will prompt the whole world to come to aid for Nigeria and better days return for this country… Since I was born in the early &#39;90s Nigerians has been suffering and smelling cos there&#39;s nothing good I repeat nothing gets better in Nigeria. This is a corrupt country, countries like Saudi Arabia, south Africa, even Dubai are no better than us in Natural resources but just take a look at us, we are no match for those countries mentioned we are way behind them.. Well, Nigeria needs help, this country needs fighters, people that can stand up and challenge these corrupt leaders.. we are fed up, we are so tired of suffering and we need those good days return for us. God bless Nigeria………
Despite its laudable intentions and important social message, Black November is far too ineffective to have the desired impact.

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