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THE CONFESSION is a tale of unique redemption and an exploration of good and evil featuring a hit man and a priest. On Christmas Eve, the hit man enters a church to confess his sins. Through a series of gripping flashbacks, the Confessor's journey is revealed.
A tale of unique redemption and an exploration of good and evil featuring a hit man and a priest.
I didn&#39;t like the movie much, especially because I didn&#39;t buy the moral and religious evolution of one of the protagonists. (Excuse me for being vague, but I&#39;m trying to avoid at least the most blatant of spoilers.) One of the protagonists starts out an egregiously violent, cruel, rage-filled man, and then works his way to the light, sustained by a belief in God and God&#39;s forgiveness. <br/><br/>Such radical transformations happen : for instance, there are hagiographies telling of pimps, robber barons or assassins turning into truly good men and dying as saints. However, such radical transformations tend to be very, very rare (which is the reason why they fire the imagination and turn into hagiographies). Moreover, one would hope that the people who do go through a genuine conversion a) would know and recognize the full horror of their misdeeds and b) would try to make amends, especially to the innocents they hurt the most. In this movie, however, there is very little to indicate that the man who bettered his life tried to repair the awful wreckage he left behind - which is a problem, since the movie insists that he does indeed have a full grasp of his obligations before God and man. He has become good, he has achieved wisdom and he realizes he has to help a certain someone, but he doesn&#39;t do so, because… ? Because ? <br/><br/>If there is a &quot;because&quot; I certainly didn&#39;t get it. <br/><br/>So this isn&#39;t a very good film, although it contains a sprinkling of valid observations, here and there, on sin, human fallibility and redemption. Sutherland and Hurt give insightful and compelling performances, but even they can&#39;t iron out the flaws in the story. <br/><br/>For people interested in Roman-Catholic teachings or in the Roman- Catholic sacrament of confession : leave the movie be and go talk with a Roman-Catholic neighbor or colleague. Or look up a Roman-Catholic priest. Your discussion would be interactive, you might make a friend AND there is a sporting chance of getting offered a nice pint of beer.
After the culmination of &#39;24&#39;, eyes across the globe were eagerly following Keifer &#39;Bauer&#39; Sutherland and anticipating his next move. Little did we know it would be starring alongside film legend John Hurt in a gritty web series. Keifer plays The Confessor; a hit-man attempting to understand the root of evil through means of confession. Unrepentant, he debates theology and the source of evil with a priest (Hurt) who is forced to unravel the truth behind his confessor.<br/><br/>Before diving head-first into the show itself, I want to talk about the show&#39;s format. Split into short (6 min approx) chapters, this is not your typical TV series. However, the chapters seamlessly flow and the overall experience is fairly reminiscent of reading a short story or novella.<br/><br/>The length (or lack of) of the chapters would perhaps leave many viewers feeling a little short changed. After all - we were so used to having Bauer grace our screen for 24 continuous hours defusing bombs and torturing terrorists. But from the first second of The Confession, the tension immediately hits you whilst the shows dramatic undertones create an uneasy atmosphere. Regular flashbacks to the confessor&#39;s dark past fill any voids left by the inhibiting confession booth. These also provide well acted and well written sub-plots; further unravelling the mysteries of this troubled man.<br/><br/>I quite enjoyed the three episodes so far and a pedestal has definitely been set. The acting by keifer, Hurt and all ancillary characters is excellent and both the directing and writing is of notable quality (if slightly clich├ęd at times). That said, there is definite scope for a larger series. I fear that the potential in the current format will never quite reach the same heights as it would in a 40 minute format. But maybe i&#39;m getting ahead of myself. It is only episode three after all. Overall, this is a great vehicle for Keifer and fans of 24 will find watching The Confession incredibly enjoyable. With it&#39;s grit, tense drama and an original concept, you&#39;ll almost forget about Bauer. Almost.

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